Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well do to the crazy day that it has been expecially for my dad, I thought that I would pay a little tribute to him by putting this cute picture of him and Jax from my wedding. I he really been a great supporter and trooper through all the recent hardships ( and from those of the past), and even though he might not be able to smile right now I know that he loves us all and he will pull through all of this.!!!! Love ya tons POP!!!!!
Ok so i don't have any pictures to be posting at this moment because truthfully I am really bad at wanting to take pictures any way, just ask Brian he will agree. But this little guy is called Maxx the cereal cartoon that I am working on for one of my how to projects. I am writing a 4 page spread on how to build a bowl of cereal. And of course what cereal doesn't have a cool cartoon icon for theres so this is mine. He's super cheesy but kinda cute all at the same time.