Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well do to the crazy day that it has been expecially for my dad, I thought that I would pay a little tribute to him by putting this cute picture of him and Jax from my wedding. I he really been a great supporter and trooper through all the recent hardships ( and from those of the past), and even though he might not be able to smile right now I know that he loves us all and he will pull through all of this.!!!! Love ya tons POP!!!!!
Ok so i don't have any pictures to be posting at this moment because truthfully I am really bad at wanting to take pictures any way, just ask Brian he will agree. But this little guy is called Maxx the cereal cartoon that I am working on for one of my how to projects. I am writing a 4 page spread on how to build a bowl of cereal. And of course what cereal doesn't have a cool cartoon icon for theres so this is mine. He's super cheesy but kinda cute all at the same time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of my many assignments

ok so really I can't take the credit for this painting but I liked it so much that I altered it and used it for some of my assignments. It probably looks better at full view.

Midterms and the Count Down. . .

It's midterms for most of my classes give or take a few but wow, who would have thought what a difference it would make being prego in school verses not in school. Its funny because right now I wish i just had a job I had to go to so I didn't have to think all day long and actually understand what my professors are teaching. But the good thing is I am still passing my classes as of today.If you want to check one of the projects that I am working on go to this site http://rwhite.php.cs.dixie.edu/index5.php . Actually they really aren't that bad I'm just tired. However . . . Count down is on! Right now I only have 5 weeks left and some days I wish it were yesterday. We are so excited to have her and scared of juggling everything as well. Soon i will be a pro at it like everyone else.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My first blog

Hey everyone, this is my first blog and who would have thought that it would take me this long to create one for Brian and I (considering that our majors are computers and all). Any way, right now we are well into our semester of school. Brian is trying to play catch up with all of his homework and I am just trying to not get to tired. However, that part seems very unavoidable.
For those of you who don't know both Brian and I are working for Dixie College. He for the computer lab and I with the community education. Other than that everything is going well. We are both amazed that my belly seems to be getting a bit bigger everyday. It is pretty funny cause if you look at me straight on my body is lopsided cause she only likes the right side of me. I sish someone would tell her that there is plenty of room on the other side too. Well any way till next time.